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Saturday, 08 August 2020
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How do I support?

The earthquakes have had fatal consequences for many people in Nepal who have lost their homes and access to food. The monsoon is upon us, and there is great need we give a contribution to that they can rebuild their homes so they can survive the rainy season and winter then. They are here and now need tents / tarpaulins, food, medicine and aid for reconstruction ahead. Help Nepal has today 5/29/15 sent 11.000kr. off to Nepal, which goes to the most affected area in Sindhupalchok northeast of Kathmandu. We hope you will give your support so that together we can ensure the affected nepaleseres survival.


You can support in several ways:

By joining the "Project Help Nepal" and pay the lump sum of at least 75.-, or give the amount you wish to support, without joining the association.


Here you can choose to donate to the association, - or you can "earmark" your donation to one of our projects.


You can choose to support actively, in the Peace Corps, by contacting us here on the website.

We are currently in contact with several organizations in Kathmandu valley.

Send us a few words about your expectations for it to work as a volunteer.


Both subscriptions and donations paid to:

Spar Nord Vodskov .: 9245

Account number: 4577189760