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Saturday, 08 August 2020
Who is behind Project Help Nepal Print E-mail

Ganga and Finn Bavnild have, together with a group of people in Nepal and Denmark, started this association.

 From Nepal:

  This group of people have joined forces, - to start an association, whose main purpose is, to help fellow humans in Nepal.  

Pralad Adhakari provide technical assistance to the project and acting as translator. Pralad has a lot of societal knowledge about Nepal and he also has a lot of governmental contacts.


Raj Kumar Lama, who works as a freelance trekking guide, is employed by Norbuling Children Home and provides technical assistance and acts as translator at Project Help Nepal. Raj Kumar Lama is the head of Norbuling Children Home, as has advanced knowledge in providing just the right help for those who need it the most in Nepal.


From Danmark:

Mads Bavnild Grøn, Former project manager and head of department in the personal development organization "Integro" and has worked as a volunteer teacher in the data processing at Tibet Charity Youth Center in one period. He is currently studying psychology at Aalborg University, and is now working at a residence for people with autism. Mads Bavnild Green is the treasurer of the Board in the Association Project Help Nepal and also manages the webpage.


Ganga Bavnild, - has many experiences from various employments in Kathmandu, including security guard at Boudha Stupa Nath and has great knowledge of the situation in the remote villages in Nepal. She is one of the fastest to complete the danish language school, and is currently advancing in the education of danish health care as a social and health service. 

Finn Bavnild, - has, over the years, stayed several times in Nepal. Here he worked as volunteer in 5 periods. In 4 periods, working as a teacher for Tibet Charity Youth Center Jorpati Kathmandu, where he has taught adult Tibetan refugees, monks, nuns and nomads in English. In one period with "Hyolmo Women Association”, where he has taught Hyolmo Sherpaer in English. In addition, he is linked to a children's home for street children and children from disadvantaged families, "Norbuling Children Home" Boudha, Kathmandu Nepal, where he works as unpaid supervisor and is participating at the employment talks and staff meetings. Finn has many years of experience as a social worker.

So just a wedding photo, - Ganga and Finn Bavnild met in the autumn of 2005. They were married in January 2008. They live in Vodskov Denmark.