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Saturday, 08 August 2020
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As most have heard, Nepal has been hit by several severe earthquakes in April and May 2015. Project Help Nepal's people, Raj Kumar and Pralad, is working hard to help those who lack the most basic necessities for survival. Their home is destroyed by the earthquakes and they badly need the most essential necessities such as food and tents to sleep in. Nepal did not before the earthquake have an infrastructure that makes it easy to transport food or materials, and now there are areas such as parts of the Sindhupalchok district in which it is close to impossible to reach. They therefore need the most basic things to survive here and now, and then it will be needed to support their rebuilding of their homes so they can survive the rainy season with the monsoon in September / October, and winter which follow thereafter. Project Help Nepal sends on may 29. 11.000DKr off, which could help some of the people, but far from all. We would therefore urge all in this context to sign you into the union and give your support. Since we are a nonprofit organization your whole amount donated goes to the affected in Nepal.
For further information about earthquakes, we can refer to Earthquake Track website:
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